Kind Words

A fantastic meeting with Dr Christina Davies today. She was friendly, professional and immediately put me at ease. She was incredibly knowledgeable and knows exactly what my skin needs to help look its best, both with aesthetic treatments and advice on developing an effective skin care regime. I can't wait to get started with my treatments. I highly recommend anyone who has questions and wants to discuss whether aesthetics is right for them, to make an appointment with her.

I cannot recommend Dr. Christina enough! During our appointment she took a comprehensive history and listened to my concerns about breakouts and scarring, which is something I am facing for the first time later in life.

Post-appointment, she sent me a comprehensive skincare plan, including some helpful tips that I had not come across before, as well as some great product recommendations at a range of price points.

It does not make sense for me to invest in injectables at this time, however I feel confident knowing I have someone competent and trustworthy when the time comes.  Dr. Christina is fantastic, knowledgeable and relatable, and easily offers a five-star service!

Dr Christina was amazing during my appointment yesterday. Time was taken to explain the procedures, go through possible side effects and to make sure I was suitable for the requested treatment. Dr Christina carefully marked the areas she wished to treat, all the while explaining what she was doing and why.  I felt absolutely relaxed the entire time and could feel I was in the safe hands of someone who knew what they were doing.  The treatments themselves were barely uncomfortable and extremely easy to tolerate. I am so excited for the Botox to kick in and feel refreshed. 

Dr Christina was wonderful! I’ve suffered the resurgence of acne after a successful round of isotretinoin a few years ago and I finally decided to try to get on top of it.

Christina was lovely during our consult and went through all the products I was currently using and researched their effectiveness for me and then provided me with recommendations for my skin care based on my skin issues. 

It felt as though Christina was able to personalise her service for me and all her other clients and truly showed that her priority was making all people with all types of skin issues to feel good in their own skin.

I would definitely recommend attending her clinic and following her on social media, as she posts lots of good information there too, which is really helpful!

Had a great first consultation with Christina who seemed really invested in me and not just about selling me products etc.  She was very thorough with the consultation and also reviewed my current skincare products, including recommending better ones that would help with my concerned areas at an affordable price.  I'm looking forward to getting some treatment with her and feel as if she has my best interests at heart and is not just about giving me a specific "look".

I can't recommend Dr Christina enough. I've been suffering acne for years and I decided to see a doctor to fully understand what’s going on with my skin. I joined her free online acne masterclass and it was very informative and interactive. Straight away, I booked my appointment at her lovely clinic on the High Street in Stockbridge,  where she made me feel very comfortable during our meeting. She listened to my concerns and knew exactly what my skin needed. Now, I finally understand what this condition is and how it affects my skin. She was so knowledgeable and I already started with my prescription treatment for acne. I highly recommend Dr Christina to anyone who has questions and concerns about their skin, she is the right professional to ask for advice. I am looking forward to my next revision.

Attended for forehead, frown lines and crows feet Botox. Absolutely incredible results! Still able to raise eyebrows and have plenty of movement, however wrinkles have disappeared and skin looks so much more youthful and fresh. Injections were practically pain free and appointment was quick without compromising on professionalism or feeling rushed. 

I visited Christina 6 months ago for help with a stubborn frown line, I'm so pleased with the results and have just been back for my second treatment.

Christina is a friendly, approachable and professional practitioner who made me feel relaxed and confident in her knowledge and abilities. Christina has not only improved my deep frown,  but has transformed my general skin care, with gentle advice and product recommendations my skin care has now become routine for me and I'm excited to see the health of my skin improve further with her guidance.

Christina was thorough in her consultation and seemed genuinely invested in me and what my expectations were. Her treatments were guided by the result that I aimed to achieve  and she provided the subtlety that I was looking for.

Dr Christina topped up my lip filler yesterday. We also discussed cheek fillers to help with some under eye wrinkling that I am very conscious of.   After a thorough discussion we decided to go ahead with both treatments today. I am extremely pleased with both results and even more pleased that Dr Christina said she will make any further adjustments at my two week review.

I think it is important to find a practioner who is willing to take the time and go slowly with treatments to find the optimum amount of product to use, rather than be fixated on charging per ml of something. 

I have some slight swelling today (completely expected) but absolutely love my results so far.