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You've been telling me that 2024 is the year that you get your skin on track.. but in honesty, in most cases, the overwhelm kicks in.


I get it- you've new products from Christmas or your bestie has recommended something to try that's "amazing" or has been recommended by your favourite celebrity..


When you strip it back you realise that you don't know where to start. You may even feel like you're going around in circles. You are not alone!


I frequently see patients in clinic who have been around the same loop for years before they come for advice. With so much information out there, it can be tricky to know where to start 


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This week I'll be sharing a basic skincare routine foranyone aged 13 years onwards.


This is as simple as it gets, and if you're just trying to start some new habits this is a good one for you.


This is also great for young people who are starting to take an interest in their skin but they don't know what to use. I will be speaking about teenage acne later.. but this is may also help




From the age of 25 years onwards, we start to see the changed within the integrity of our skin. Fine lines and wrinkles begin, discolouration or "age spots" may be seen.


This is the age where we need to start working a little harder to protect our skin. 


I will be speaking more on the separate ingredients you need to be adding (if you're 25 Yrs+) in a later post.. so stay tuned


If you take nothing else away from reading this, know that it's true!

Prevention is better than cure


The earlier your start protecting your skin, the better. No matter what age you are, just start.


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Work out your skin type:

In the morning, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat it dry.Leave it for 30 minutes, then check it in the mirror.

If it's shiny all over and looks a bit greasy= oily skin

If it's shiny in patches or looks greasy over nose, chin, forehead= combination skin

If it looks neither dry nor oily= normal skin

If you can see dry patches or it all looks a bit scaly and flakey= dry skin



 Daily habits are everything- so get on the wagon and give this simple routine a go..

Morning Routine


1 Cleanse

If you have dry skin, you can skip this step

Cleanse with a gentle, non-perfumed cleanser. Perfumed cleansers act an astringents which can be good at removing oil and skin cells but leave the skin feeling very dry

You do not need to scrub the skin- take those loofahs and "exfoliating" mitts and throw them out. 

Treat your skin like you would treat a baby.. gently

Cleanse the skin using gentle circular motions and pat dry




2 Moisturise

Regardless of your skin type, moisturiser is your friend! That includes my oily skinned friends- the oil is not moisturising your skin. Adding a moisturiser is also not making your skin more greasy.. although you may need to be careful with the choice


Your Skin extends beyond your face


 It's important to moisturise all of your skin and not just your face. If you have time to moisturise your whole body everyday.. then do it. 


Otherwise, don't miss the big 5:

1 Face

2 Neck/ ears

3 Decollete

4 Hands

5 Forearms/ exposed legs





3 Sunscreen

I'm not ashamed.. I will preach this on my big old soap box until the cows come home.. I don't own cows but if I did they'd know the score!


 You need to be wearing sunscreen every day.. every single one of them. Winter too. Inside, outside whatever it is you're doing.. it needs to be on


This will protect you from burning, delay wrinkle formation, prevent age spots and... did I mention cancer?


So many of my patients aged 30 years + tell me they wish they'd started with this earlier.. they'd be saving themselves a lot of money in cosmetic procedured trying to undo the damage


I keep sunscreen everywhere.. handbags, car, desk, each room of the house. Do whatever you need to keep your skin healthy!





Night Routine

This can't be any easier, it's the same as the morning minus the SPF.

You can double cleanse if you've been wearing make-up or have oily skin.. just to make sure the skin is completely clean

No scrubbing!


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I will be expanding over the next few weeks to provide specific advice for those of you aged 25 years +, with specific skin types or skin conditions.. so stay tuned


If you'd like me to cover a specific topic, join me on instagram @drchristinadavies and leave a comment.. I'll do my best to keep you in the know


To your success,



Dr Christina-71














Dr Christina Davies MBCHB BSc DMCC


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