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The new year is often a kickstart for a lot of us. We enthusiastically, at least initially, push ourselves to develop some new habits or goals. New products, new memberships... and possibly, new costs? I wonder how much money is wasted every year on gym memberships that rarely make it beyond March?


Is it just me or is there a lot of pressure around things that should be.. simple


When it comes to skin health and providing recommendations and advice in clinic, as a Doctor, I usually end up giving the same advice on repeat. That's right.. I can spend days and days saying the same things over and over again.


In some cases, people already know the information, they just need support to put things into practice but in most cases, people are just frozen by overwhelm. They don't know which products to use, what their skin type is, how to apply the products and whether or not any of it is worth it! 


Skincare is a billion pounds industry and every day, we are bombarded by marketing and attempts for brands to sell us their products. On top of that, with social media, people with little to no medical training are advertising products that "worked for them".


"Influencers are the new advertising. But here's the thing.. because it worked for that person..doesn't mean it will work for you"




That's why I thought I'd start a blog.. if I can provide my professional, medical advice for people and they can start to put the tips into practice, in theory, they won't need to attend a doctors office.


That should always be the aim of the game right? Great skin, great health!


"Skincare is simple, but it isn't easy- You need to use the right products, and you need to be consistent"


Consistency is the order of the day- you don't need the lastest product or to necessarily spend loads of money but you need to stick with it. The skin needs time to adapt to any changes and with any new products, be gentle about it




Rather than rushing out and buying a load of products that you've seen, that may or may not work, why don't we start with some basics. Then we can build up from there


It's all in your habits..


Here are 7 FREE things you can do to start your skin health journey for 2024..


1. Check your current routine

skincare products

What are you currently using on your skin- line all of those bottles up and have a look at which products you are using.



If there are any bottle there that are over 12 months old- bin them!


If there are any bottles you've had less than 12 months and you don't use them, or like them, or they weren't great on your skin- gift them! Someone else may get on well with them


If there are any products that are heavily scented- bin them. They dry out the skin and you can wear perfume on your clothes instead


What products are your using in the morning and night routine- set these out somewhere that is easy to access. Everything else store away or rehome if you don't need them.



2. Hydration for skin and body


Keep a tally of how much water you drink each day- if it's less than 2-3 L, sort that out. This is an easy one to action. Leave your water bottle on your desk or set an alarm reminder in your phone for 1-2 hour intervals


Check is your moisturiser in date? Can you even remember when you bought it?

If not, you may need a new one.

If yes and it's still good to go, try applying it to your face, skin, neck, decollete and hands 1 extra time each day. It's winter, skin is dry and this will help!



3. Make-up Brushes..

make-up brushes


We use them everyday on our skin.. but how often do you clean them? Be honest..

Now is a great time to do that.. leave them in gentle soapy water and clean the bristles gently. Lay them flat to dry out.. good to go.


Ideally once a month would be good but if you can alternate between sets and do this more often, your skin will thankyou. Those things hold dead skin cells and bacteria and we're always rubbing them on our faces

which leads me onto the next point..



4 Touching your face

face touching

We all do this habitually but touching your face is a way of introducing dirt and bacteria to the skin on your face, that otherwise it may not come into contact with. Do you repeatedly rub your nose for example and then notice you're prone to breakouts there?


There is no way of completely stopping this, it's a natural thing to do, however, hand washing is super important


Also, consider if your are exposing your hands to detergents in cleaning or scented products. If you then touch your face, the sensitive skin there is also being exposed to these elements.



5 Bedding, pillows & facecloths



Changing your bed linen once a week is so important for your skin and hair. Don't think about it in too much detail (it's a bit gross) but we're shedding our skin into these fabrics and then laying in them for hours or using them on repeat.

Meanwhile our skin is trying to rejuvenate.. it's not a great combination


If you have silk pillow cases, get those bad boys on! They are great for your hair and skin and reduce wrinkle formation. If you have silk bed sheets, even better


If you don't have these, and it's not in your budget to buy them, cleaning your current bed linen each week will still have a great impact for your hair and skin renewal.


6 Add SPF 30+ Daily

sun tan


Sunscreen is not just for summer- it's for every day!


Protecting you skin from the sun is the only way to prevent further damage- age spots, fine lines and wrinkles


Great skin is not genetic- it is environmental. Those people you think have great genetics have probably protected their skin from an early age.. they were onto something!


If you do no other thing this year, get your SPF on every morning. Aim for SPF 30+


Make sure it's got a texture that you like putting on each day and that absorbs well into your skin


7. Follow the science.. not the latest trendSkin structure

Make a vow to yourself.. if you see something advertised as the "latest trend", note it .. then avoid it.

Don't rush out to buy it, but perhaps make a note to find out if there is evidence that it actually works.

Whilst new research in Dermatology is ongoing, these "latest trends" are rarely evidence based. What does that mean?

Sometimes the practices from different countries, for example, suddenly become a hot topic. Remember when Korean skincare became all the rage? Whilst it can be novel to look at practices around the world, the techniques may or may not have scientifically proven results

At the end of the day, you want to be investing in products and practices that are beneficial for your skin and helpful for you.


If you can make these 7 quick, cheap (or free) changes.. then I think you're off to a great start to 2024

If you're like me, I love a tick list- that way I get the feeling of success when things are done.

7 points makes this super what are you waiting for?!


To your success,




Dr Christina-71

Dr Christina Davies MBCHB BSc DMCC

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